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Affordable Butterfly Chairs

Fitting Affordable Butterfly Chairs into Your Lifestyle

Why would you need butterfly chairs? You may be surprised. These light and comfortable furniture options fit easily in small storage spaces while offering big benefits in your living space. Here are some ways affordable butterfly chairs make your life more cozy.


  • We offer a range of top quality NZ made chair & cover styles. So keeping Flutter butterfly chairs affordable for all budgets to ensure all of your friends have a seat.

  • Extend your dinner plans. With affordable butterfly chairs, you won't have to limit the number of guests you invite over for dinner due to lack of seating.

  • Spread your party out for better mingling. Use your butterfly chairs to create conversation nooks around your living space to encourage mingling.


Affordable butterfly chairs are an easy addition to your home's seating options. Get customised and cost-effective butterfly chairs from auckland based Flutter Design 

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