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A stunning artistic impression of New Zealand in rusting corten steel and natural premium quality outdoor rope. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

There are so many ways to tie this set. It looks fabulous "longer" for a larger indoor or outdoor wall. Keep tying until the height is perfect for your home. 

This artwork comes tied as shown. 


  • corten steel 
  • rope -  quality outdoor 'door mat ' rope / adjustable



  • 2.3m of 14mm thick hemp rope and tied as shown.
  • islands measure 37cm and 34cm long



  • This art work can be hung using a SITE SUITABLE  hook or nail
  • Or a LISASARAH DOT OR CROSS wall hook



  • Please contact the office
  • Delivery is based on weight & location
  • Pickup - Flutter Office Snells Beach

NZ Map Wall Art - Corton Steel / Rope

GST Included |
Out of Stock
  • LISASARAH corten steel outdoor wall art collection is cut from premium quality nz corten steel. 

    Corten steel is an architectural steel that is designed to rust. it has a copper content that ensures its core will not deteriorate and it will last a long long time. The patina that slowly forms on the outside makes it stronger and it continues to look more fabulous the more it ages. 

    Corten seals and fully weathers best when it is repeatedly exposed to moisture and then allowed to dry.   It takes time (with exterior exposure) for the rust layer to completely form and seal.

    During this time, depending on the climate and where your art is placed, your work may bleed and have a slight rust runoff.  generally this is if the art/sign is touching a surface. 

    If this is an issue, penetrol (available from hardware stores) can be applied and will seal moisture out and help prevent rust stains and further corrosion. 

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