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Vintage Butterfly Chairs

3 Reasons Vintage Butterfly Chairs are the Perfect Accessory

Decorating your Auckland New Zealand home can be a challenge. With limited choices in the local area, homeowners can struggle to make their homes unique yet comfortable. Vintage butterfly chairs are a great way to make your home more welcoming. How can these classic chairs take your home from basic to legendary?


  • Unusual geometric shape. Skip traditional square and oblong pieces. The wispy crescent shape of butterfly chairs is aesthetically pleasing yet completely unexpected.

  • Match your existing style. Many pre-made chairs only come in certain fabric and colour combinations. Vintage butterfly chairs from Flutter Design let you create pieces that complement what you already have.

  • Easy to store. For those who frequently host large gatherings, easy to store butterfly chairs are a more sophisticated alternative to folding chairs.


Find vintage butterfly chairs for your property at Flutter Design.

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