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Cute Butterfly Chair

Would a Retro Butterfly Chair Fit into Your Design?

Trying to find unique yet attractive furniture options for your residence can be a chore. For many interior designers, a retro butterfly chair is the perfect accent piece. How can these seating options make your rooms look more glamorous?


  • Modern life demands flexibility. Including a retro butterfly chair in your room lets you expand and move your seating to fit the situation.

  • The butterfly design is a classic 1950s design. The clean lines and geometric curves make it a great addition to harsher contemporary schemes that rely on metal and dark colours.

  • The whimsical appearance of these pieces make them ideal for children's spaces. Choose designs made from sturdy and washable material to make clean up even easier.


How would a retro butterfly chair make your room better? Find out how by talking to the representatives at Flutter Design.

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